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Are you currently working with multiple systems that do not talk to each other? Do not despair. You can get everything delivered in ONE complete business system in the cloud.

Are you currently working with multiple systems that do not talk to each other? Do not despair. You can get everything delivered in ONE complete business system in the cloud. With 24SevenOffice ERP, your company will have a complete and seamless system – with  integrated Finance and Accounting, CRM, Project Management and Communication Solutions.

Through our open API, 24SevenOffice is integrated with a variety of solutions such as banking, debt collection, payroll, credit and vendor lists, Altinn, telephony, etc.


24SevenOffice consists of a variety of seamlessly integrated feature rich modules: From Finance and Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, Project Management and Timesheet Registration to Email, Files and Calendar. Everyone in the company works online and  has access to customer data across the modules in 24SevenOffice.

It is quite flexible which functionality your business and each employee should have access to. The system is scalable for 5–500 users, meaning that you can easily upgrade and integrate new services in line with how the business develops. You pay per user, per month – and you are free to scale up or down, giving your business predictable costs and full flexibility.


The Dashboard is the first thing that greets you when you log into 24SevenOffice. The Dashboard includes a number of widgets, containing things such as key figures, reports, activity overview and other data obtained from the various modules in 24SevenOffice.

As a user, you are able to build your own custom Dashboard, or to make use of predefined templates for different needs and industries. Another popular option is to share template keys internally in companies so that, for example, all employees at a departmental level have the same Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides a quick and efficient overview of key figures and activity in your business – whether you are in the office or on the move.

Finance and accounting

With its web based 24SevenOffice Finance and Accounting Software, you have everything you need, integrated into one complete system. Keywords are fast, flexible and powerful. The system handles all formats for inbound and outbound documentation, and all functions are integrated, from scanning, receiving,  approval of invoices, banking, bookkeeping, ledgers to reporting with the ability to drill down on document level.

In 24SevenOffice, you can customize documentation and work flows, tailored to your business needs. The customer and accountant work in the same system, so you can process a lot of the documentation yourself. External accountants and auditors have free user access.


With 24SevenOffice CRM, you can streamline the dialog with your customers through a number of exciting functionalities and integration possibilities. You have access to all customer specific information, such as ledger overview, possibility of credit check and full activity overview with email correspondence, phone logs etc. Among other functionalities you can find are budget, analysis, opportunities, report generator, calendar, document sharing and marketing.

With 24SevenOffice CRM, you have a feature rich and efficient sales support tool in the cloud.

Prosjekt og timer

With 24SevenOffice Project, you have more than a tool for sharing documents and tasks. For each project and consulting based business, it is important to have complete control over all phases of a project, from planning, implementation and time sheet registration to finance.

Everyone involved in your projects works online and is updated at all times. As the project manager, you can easily plan the project's implementation, assign tasks, manage rights and invite external participants to participate in the projects. There are no restrictions on the number of projects and external participants allowed.

With 24SevenOffice Project, you get a series of smart solutions in one place for managing your projects in the cloud.

Communication and collaboration

With our group calendar, you always have full control and access to your colleagues' calendars. Email is of course integrated with CRM and projects so that you can link desired emails to customer and project cards. With our system, all your employees works online and toward the same database. Which means you have live access to corporate business applications and documents – anywhere and anytime.


A busy work day has more than one mode – and features a wide range of ways of working. Therefore, it is important to have flexible tools, where it is easy to give input and keep up to date – whether from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

24SevenOffice Mobile is developed with the aim and intention to be a useful tool in those circumstances where it is natural to use your cell phone – to stay updated or perform daily work tasks.

Integrasjons – hello integration

24SevenOffice has an open API, which in brief means that the system is adapted for integration with other systems, and that customers have the opportunity to develop custom applications tailored to their needs.

Opening for integration opportunities like this, is not something all ERP and accounting providers offer, as it requires a lot of development and technological expertise. Facilitating integration is central to 24SevenOffice's business model.

24SevenOffice is integrated with a number of major providers and solutions. Some examples of this:

Nets, DNB, Danske Bank, Altinn, Huldt & Lillevik, FINALE, Intrum Justitia, Maestro, D&B, OneStop Reporting, Bankgirot, Nettlønn, Ibistic, Magento, Bisnode, PCKasse, Itella, Google, Telenor, Oyatel, Xero, etc.

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