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Get rid of paper clutter and get predictable costs

Our goal is for our solutions and services to help ensure that you can focus on your core business.

We tailor each assignment to optimize the distribution of labor between the customer and the accountant.

As one of the biggest users of the system, fast Accounting AS has unmatched expertise with 24SevenOffice. We have dedicated IT support for the software and integrated solutions.

Here are some of the elements of the Methodology of Fast Accounting AS:
  • Paperless
  • Electronic approval of invoices
  • Integrated banking (no punching or online banking approval required)
  • Integration with travel expenses/reimbursements (TravelText)
  • Integration with retail solution (Pckasse)
  • Live reports
  • Ability to customize the reports proactive and not responsive accountant

Payroll and annual reports

Good procedures in payroll and human resources are very important. Good and efficient practices contribute to employee satisfaction. We provide structure, order and good procedures in cooperation with the customer. The services we perform include:
  • Payroll and distribution of payslips by email
  • Payment file or transfer of wages to employees
  • Reporting of tax deductions and payroll taxes
  • Follow up on sick leave, leave and reimbursement from NAV
  • Updating of the employee register and pension insurance Government statistics
The Annual Report is used by financial institutions, investors, owners and more. It is therefore important that the report is prepared in a qualified manner. Among other things, the work will include:
  • Finalizing and reconciling accounts
  • Preparation of tax returns and annual accounting assisting in preparation of the written Annual Report and minutes of board meetings

Outlays and Travel expenses

Full control over travel expenses

Time to save time. One average travel expense costs NOK 1000 with all the time spent. Besides our unique registration method, the solution is adapted in such a way that the system handles at least 80% of the work for you. We therefore dare to make the following claim: Whatever system you use today, we will make sure you get it done at least 5 times faster!


Interasjon mot din kasseløsning

Pckasse er en butikkdata- og ordre/lager/faktura-løsning i et enkelt og oversiktlig brukergrensesnitt. Fra varen slås inn i kassen til regnskapstransen overføres ditt regnskaps-system/regnskapsfører - gir Pckasse deg full kontroll.


Individual reporting whenever and wherever you want

No accounting is complete without reports.  Fast Accounting AS uses OneStop Reporting as their preferred reporting solution.  It offers standard or customized reports, depending on your needs. The reports can be exported to Excel for further processing, distribution, etc.

Electronic travel log

Simple overview of company vehicles

Web based travel log

AutoGear electronic travel log consists of a GPS that logs trips and an online travel log.


One of the key success factors in any business is control.

Control of business processes, IT systems, product flow, and not the least, the numbers.

The Fast team has everything it takes to give business leaders the feeling of financial control.

Most of our employees are not only proactive accountants, but also have backgrounds as auditors, CFOs and directors.

We free up more time for what is essential through effective methodology and time savings when we produce the accounting. Using numbers as a management tool.

We can help you with budgeting, cash management analysis and much more. If you do not want to employ your own financial team, you can outsource all of it. 
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